Funny Bone Mixtape

by Ghormeh Sabzi

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The making of this record really hurt.


released October 10, 2011

Recorded Feb - August 2011 by Cameron Bina
at the Meca Center i.e. Chrispys art studio (Houston, Texas)
and the 21st Street Co Op (Austin Tx)
Produced by Cameron
All songs by Cameron except "Coccoon" by Jaime Nava
Cover Art - Cameron

Cameron - Vox/Guitar/Bass/Piano/Synth/Drums
Jaime - Vox/Guitar/Drums



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Ghormeh Sabzi Austin, Texas

Ghormeh Sabzi is a delicious persian cuisine; it's also been a band of changing line-ups and sounds headed by songwriter Cameron Bina. With his sister Ariana , they have recorded multiple releases and have played shows in Houston and Austin Texas. They are currently working on their next LP after their Thanksgiving themed "Black Friday EP" ... more

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Track Name: Insult to Injury
Collar smashed in a crash
and they flew me fast
from the meat wagon to ER
Cuz I got hit by a car
and it hurt so bad
And I wouldn't be so sad if there wasn't

Insult to Injury

APD don't give a shit
about who it was that got hit
well, you could think about it
Cuz it's me who kissing the asphalt
Who do you think was at fault?
A bike or a car? Why don't ya just add

Insult to Injury
Track Name: Vike Time Out
And the pain came
and the fire went
and it burnt down everything

The pain had me twistin and turnin
all night long

And I couldn't breath, couldn't sleep
couldn't eat. Couldn't eat!
I had to take a Vike time out
Track Name: I Don't Know About All That
"Server not Found" I'mma have to
check the grape vine.
Told the operator once before
"I won't wanna wait on the line!"

Said I, "got an appointment with the preacher
Thought I'd see him today.
She said "I can't mess with that.
I'm just gettin paid!"

Well I don't know about all that!
I don't know about all that.
Oh Baby, I can see through you.

Well I've been here and
I've been there once or twice
See the Modern Architecture
and I found it rather nice

I like the Greek/Roman style,
ya I can really relate to that
Jupiter and Mars they're
painting my soul black!
Track Name: I Miss My Cat
I miss my Marie
I miss my Marie
I miss my Marie cuz she didn't come back

I miss my cat
I miss my cat
I miss my cat and I just wish that she
would come back to me
Jump back into my lap
my Marie

Marie, I gave you my all
To you, you furr-ball
my Marie
Track Name: Get My Diploma
And if I have to do another year well!
I just wanna pull all my hair out
And I try to be the best that I can be
whether it's Psychology or History!

But why should I have to die
to make a grade?

And must I conduct another survey?
Or write about a dead man in an essay?
My career options are few
but I'm hoping to make it on through

So I can get my diploma
and get up on out of here
Track Name: Nothin' Works
Nothin' Seems to Work
Track Name: Do You Ever Wonder?
Do you ever wonder
Why things don't work out?
Do you ever wonder
Why things aint paning like you planned them out?

Do you ever wonder why you're wasting all the time
Well I suspect, there can only be one culprit for this crime

I guess it's just little ol' me
Who else could it be?
Track Name: Inside N Out
And don't ya don't ya regret
there's far more too much
of life spent on that

And don't ya don't ya fret
just stay positive
and hope it all works out for the best

Don't get caught up in these games
your brain would like to play
If it's all you think about
you will be turnin inside n out

And don't ya don't ya cry
there's gotta be more constructive
ways to spend time

And don't ya don't ya pine
why cry over someone
ya can't call "mine"
Track Name: Try It
Oh just try it baby
Just, try it baby
Try it Try it
Woah oh oh
Try it Try it (x2)

Just try it try it
that's all I'm asking you
Try it Try it
that's all I'm begging you
Just Try it Try it
you just might like it too baby
Track Name: Only If It's For You
It was the first time
I laid my eyes into yours
and gleaming through them
I saw that there was so much more

And I was scared of the
risk I had to take
And I was worried for
what if my heart should break

But I knew what I got myself into
Only if it's for you