I'm Pretty, as the Expression Goes

by Ghormeh Sabzi

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Ghormeh Sabzi's 2nd LP


released November 4, 2012

Recorded Summer 2010/Summer 2012
by Diego Arcienega and Cameron Bina.
Produced by Cameron
All songs written by Cameron

Recordings done at 1816 Calumet/411 Piney Point
Road in Houston (summer ‘10)
and 707 West 21st Street/1805 Pearl Street in
Austin (summer ’12).
Mastering by Filippo Cimatti
Cover Art by Cameron

Cameron Bina - Vox/Guitar/Bass
Ariana Bina - Violen/Vox/Synth
Joe Fallodori - Bass
Diego P. Arcienga - Fun Machine, Aux percussion
Jaime Nava - Drums



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Ghormeh Sabzi Austin, Texas

Ghormeh Sabzi is a delicious persian cuisine; it's also been a band of changing line-ups and sounds headed by songwriter Cameron Bina. With his sister Ariana , they have recorded multiple releases and have played shows in Houston and Austin Texas. They are currently working on their next LP after their Thanksgiving themed "Black Friday EP" ... more

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Track Name: Castles
And I see with my eyes
And I talk with my mouth
And I point with my finger
And I hear with my ears
And I taste with my tongue
And I scream with my mind
And I run with my feet
And I sing with my throat

If you could just make a date
to sit, focus and meditate
on the great ways
That your body functions to survive
then you would simply realize
all the good that you could and that you should
Track Name: Jaime's Trashcan
It was Christmas time
and I sang some songs of mine
To all my future friends

On a street before the south freeway
called Calumet
Where our fates had met

Drum kick kicked in
Guitar strings strummin
We sweated till our balls itched

A flop palace galore
where art mattered more

But not to say we never got bored

But as it has and always will
The Birth heralds the Death

And all the excess made a mess
when those hipsters left

And in the end the art of our friends
will be of that time and place

But the hour's late and I cannot stay

And now Jaime's trashcan is always full
Track Name: Letter to the Senator
I know all the things I have to know
I can be anything I wanna be
I feel emotions that can't be real
Tongue tied is the patriot of me inside

If I just could separate the left from the right
silence all the talk show spite

See you out, till the end
polls are down it's the phrase of the question

This is a letter to the senator
Representative 56th from the 111th Congress
I can sense your campaigns all a hit
and I know you'll be the President

How to say, well if the people suck
then the leaders will suck and then we're all pretty fucked

See ya out, till the end
with all the joy and ballons at your reelection!
Track Name: Psychopath pt 1
Well I told you that I loved you but you're a psychopath!
But at least your mine so I know your gonna be on time
Track Name: The Black Swan
I feel in love with the Black Swan
She ballet her way right into my heart
a tortured ballerina, her soul was torn apart
and she took me when I was broken in two
and made me new!

I need a lover's touch to smooth and spark my mind
The stress has been building up and your just my type
Ask the Black Swan for some love for my wounded soul
After all, I'm pretty, as the expression goes!

Her love is heavy so I buy it by the pound
And she's twice as nice as this song is making her sound!
Oh where could she be? Retrieve at once
and return it back to me! Please oh! Can't, can't ya see?

It's love and desire tied with pain and shame
Unrequited love, that's the name of the game!
But the Black Swan swooped me up
and out the window flew my luck
Till it came back as a baby duck
Track Name: The Doomsday Clock
Down the county line
behind the burnt pines
A blaze turned wood into ash

And all was black from the stump to the grass
The fire had had the last laugh
and the charcoal and dust, it was all too much

The bomb dropped down
No one heard a sound
Till the birds burst into flames

Men of pride
had to decide
who would live and who would die

The Doomsday Clock had struck 11:55
And the world was blinded by the light
Track Name: We'll Find the Time
Oh Gina we'll find the time!
We'll stay together forever!
And I knew there was something about ya
And your hair has no compare!
But I know that you won't, well, want to share your love with me

Well, if you won't , I'll just have to go on
in my lonely misery
Track Name: Remmy
Energy zappin'
blown out outlets
Lighting storm forms
I hold my breath
Then I hear the boom like a crack of a whip!
Then I died
No! No, not I, it's not my time!

White light, white heat
like Lou said
Shock spark
x-rayed my head
Lighting storm forms
thought it'd rain instead
then I got struck down dead!
I'm pissed, I can feel the buzz in my fingertips
Give an electron a kiss and you'll be burnt to a crisp!

The watts inside had fried my mind
left no doubt, when my right eye popped out!

Remmy! Remmy!
Track Name: Psychopath pt 2
Has it all been a waste?
A fruitless goose chase?
Of struggle and strife and headache and heartache?

All my life I've tried to make myself in Art
but from the start, I knew it wouldn't
come from my head but instead
from all the years of wringing
and all the years of stinging my lil old heart

So the things I pursued lead me to a collision catastrophe
And it's true, all the pain that was brought to bear
came down because of me

I thought I loved you
but I was just in love with the past
I felt like the die had been cast
my whole world collapsed
and I just didn't wanna give
the psychopath the last laugh
and that battles for another day
and some way, I'll sew together my two halfs

Now I'm telling you, so you don't have to go through
what I went through!
And please take my advice
don't be an artist that is trapped
by your doomed love for your muse
that is unless you want to lose

So when I said I loved you
I was just being a psychopath!
Track Name: Shucks
There is someone for everyone
That someone can't be there all the time
I don't wanna name names
but that someone just won't be mine
Shucks! That really sucks

You think you know somebody
but then they teach ya something new!
And you wish you had never learned
but instead had stayed the fool

And if you're taking home the cheap cheese
I ought to warn ya of the trouble it can bring
The mouse will fuck in the house
if ya know what I mean
And it'll crack up the rat pack

Oh but you didn't think of that
And now you're just bound for a heart attack

And if you think the peril's passed
all the cries, sob tears of the past
open your eyes, look in the mirror!
Know you cannot last
And you will die, all in good time
I'm never on time