by Ghormeh Sabzi

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recorded Summer 2009
*except Interlude , recorded Summer 2010


released September 1, 2010

Recorded at 1816 Calumet by Diego P. Arcienega
Produced by Diego P. Arcienga
Mastered by Carl Saff
Art by Chris Fulkerson and Richard Ramirez II
All songs written by Cameron Bina

Cameron Bina - Vocals/Gtr
Ari Bina - Korg
Brett Taylor - Gtr
Joe Folladori - Bass
Diego P. Arcienga - Organ
Jaime Nava - Drums



all rights reserved


Ghormeh Sabzi Austin, Texas

Ghormeh Sabzi is a delicious persian cuisine; it's also been a band of changing line-ups and sounds headed by songwriter Cameron Bina. With his sister Ariana , they have recorded multiple releases and have played shows in Houston and Austin Texas. They are currently working on their next LP after their Thanksgiving themed "Black Friday EP" ... more

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Track Name: Cokehead Catholics
1 2 3 4 5!
6 7 8 9 10 Desperate Daniel Johnston

I looked up and split
Cosmos in my eye
It must have been a sign
It must have meant Melting Milky Way

1 2 3 4 5!
6 7 8 9 10 Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Beatles are the Best!
They can cum on my chest
Shit! I would even let them stick their
big Norwegian wood in my eye

I would die

Sneezed on the counter top
blew the blow into the sky
Been spotted by God's spies
Cried Coke-Head Catholics
Track Name: Hey Curls!
Let's take back the Capitol
From all those drunk, left leaning liberals
Lets liberate the heart land
from all those God less commie criminals

I speak to the Nation now
through the conduit of a golden microphone
and the frequiencies of fear
buckle the bible belt
after a bad home loan

I love that girl so much
I'd bribe any health inspector for her

Her curls! Her curls! Her curls!

I love that girl so much
I'd spit in the face of any wine tester for her

But would she do the same for me?
But ya see! That don't weigh a whole lot
in my logical fallacy

Lets flip back!
Just another page
Some love the past, save the future for last
and the present for another day
or you could watch that socialist twitch
grandma screams and foams the cows are home
and they tightly squeeze the TV switch

But it can't seem to be real!
Gotta work for a meal
so the talking heads bobble till they fed
and the byline is told to be sold
and the ink drips from the editors lips
until the words are fit into the fold

I love that girl so much
I'd swallow any detonator for her!

Her curls! Her curls! Her curls!

I love that girl so much
I'd re-elect any terminator for her!

But would she do same for me?
But ya see! That don't weigh a whole lot
in my quest for intimacy
Track Name: Interlude
My band's obsessed with food

Sing all day
and I'll feel okay

Don't watch yer bull
in the physic china shop
Track Name: Rabies
Rabies! I shall be yer buffoon
thinking of you in the pale afternoon
lonely, as the last un popped balloon

Rabies! Can't ya come to dinner real soon?
Cabaret, candle light kinda shit
my love fer you is a brewing stew that just won't cool!

Yer going to break my heart
Yer busting all my bubbles
Feel so weak I could drown in a puddle

Lucky you are
When ya let yer iris eclipse our sunny star

Rabies! I got us tickets for the titanic
Sailing across the Atlantic
Now just wouldn't that be romantic
Our honey moon doomed and frantic

Rabies! O It's a tragic post traumatic love affair
Back down to the ground I stare
My heart dropped and slush and slope
My sadness spewed soaked up by the mop
Track Name: Tidal Wave
In my head it can get so red
till my tongue cast lead
and there's nothing left to say

And it makes me sad
to be so mad
I thought it was just a fad
to be no longer then the month of may

But the pain it seared my brain
till it left a stain
on my soul's starched white shirt

I'm getting drowned in the tidal wave
of neural transmitters
of which I am a slave

Scared, I laughed
Can't compute the math
My heart was halved and divided into a square root

I go high and low
Lost all control
my sanity took a stroll
got lost robbed and kicked in the tooth

but from what i can discern
I forgotten what I learned
that the the world will still turn
even if you stand still
Track Name: Workers Day
Snapped suspenders
and untied shoes
I have come west for work
and I won't be refused today

But as the layman would say
you were destined to die and born to decay and rot
Paid vacations were what I sought

And what I thought was
was not

It's heard to be said
retirement begins when yer dead
and an ant on a hill won't be happy
till there's a larva in his stead

And we all toil to build
a dirt pile on the crummiest side of the hill

If my touch was touchin ya too much
ya could let me know
I wouldn't go

If my love was hailing from above
you could give me a sign
I wouldn't mind

It's workers day holiday
The unions picket about it
It's workers day holiday
The bourgeois scoff about it
cuz they gotta take the toll road home today